All those wild, crazy ideas.

I flung my legs over the side of the pink chair as I usually do and continued deep into our conversation. “The thing is”, I debated within my own head and aloud, “there are so many things I want to do I just don’t know what ideas God wants me to run with or which I should leave for others…you know how I get with business ideas…”

“Well tell me what you want to do!” my Mom quickly replied, encouragement welling into her voice, determined as always to find a way to help. I listed off the multitude of ideas, passions and goals, culminating into a mismatched frenzy of seemingly far too ambitious dreams that one person simply couldn’t, or shouldn’t, tackle.

“Sounds to me like all these ideas go together perfectly”, my mother confirmed in true inspirational Becky Goodwin form. “Martha Stewart doesn’t just do one thing, she does lots of things that go together”. I knew she was right but my mixed plate of somewhat random and lofty desires seemed so far fetched. To endlessly travel the far corners of the world. To fill the market with items I have a need for. To inspire, encourage and help others. To speak. To spread the love of Jesus + incredible testimonies of God. To curate once buried treasure. To sincerely and happily do it ALL, and with great hair. I have been quiet over on this part of the internet because I have been busting my ass working, but for quite some time these thoughts and passions have been cultivating, giving the illusion that they are coming together into one fully formed plan and purpose, little tidbits and opportunities popping up here and there, but nothing has given birth. Continuing to keep my head down and work hard I’ve entertained these grandiose ideas but continued to stay levelheaded, ticking away at day-to-day routine, keeping business successful, not starting up anything new just yet. Still somehow, someway, finding myself daydreaming of these notions, a mix of desires burning SO deep within me that I know they are not my own rather seeds planted within me since the day I was born. Never-the-less they seemed foolish and audacious and downright ridiculous. I am a wedding photographer with a thriving business I have worked hard for I’d think. You get wild ideas all the time, Ashley, maybe they aren’t for you and you just need to focus on one thing at a time I’d calm myself. That’s right, keep doing what you’re doing, keep your head down and focus. Continue to work hard and get ish done.

That evening after getting off the phone with my mother I decided to head out for a run. There’s a marathon in my future, you know. To get me through one foot at a time I decided to tune into a sermon given by Wendy Perez at the women’s Arise conference my church hosted this winter. I had missed Wendy’s presentations and had been told how similar we were so I wanted to gauge exactly how funny this woman was myself. It was in that sermon that, as often as he does, God spoke directly into my heart about the VERY thing I had been in such a tizzy about that day. Focus. Purpose. Plans. The unshakeable desires we have within us are not our own, but instead put there by God when He knit us into our mother’s womb. It was on mile 7…okay fine, mile 2….the spirited Wendy Perez explained how her son wanted to be “A Christian Rapper, A Firemen, and a Youth Pastor” and during a previous sermon she gave against this idea os her son’s explaining how we need to HONE OURSELVES and focus on one thing instead of many that the crowd began to cheer. Turns out THEIR Youth Pastor was also a Christian Rapper and a Firemen.

Halfway through my run, in the dark, I stopped in my tracks and began balling crying. Like a crazy person. First off WHO LISTENS TO SERMONS WHEN THEY RUN? Second of all, DO I CRY ALLLL THE TIME? And lastly, wow. That message in that moment was 100% for me, when I needed it most. Confirmation that while I keep my head down and do the work, all these crazy ideas DO make sense, and with time, will be birthed into something great. Something that may not make sense for everyone, but will make sense for me and my life because all of these random creative passions and pullings can, and will have a divine purpose. It was then I chose to nourish, not suppress my influx of wild, crazy ideas.


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April 9, 2015 - 5:29 am

april - Oh, how I understand you :)
It bubbles up every so often, threatening to burst, so I tamp it back down again…until a better time. ( Whenever that may be!)

And! I miss my home—we lived on Oahu for a few years, and I can’t get the longing out of my heart. It aches.
Enjoy if for me!

[Engaged] Lindsay + Bret

With her generous smile brought on by his unwavering ability to brighten her day, Lindsay + Bret spent an evening picnicking, taking cover from passing showers and embracing the rain on the North Shore of O’ahu, the perfect beach spot for these long time kama’ainas. The perfect mix of chic with beachy boho, I just can’t WAIT for their villa-inspired wedding this summer.

Shot on Contax 645 with Fuji 400h film |  To see more from their session, click here.


March 30, 2015 - 10:59 am

Kayleen - So soft and pretty

March 31, 2015 - 8:33 am

Urška Majer - So pretty! Such gorgeous light :)

April 3, 2015 - 3:15 am

Meredith Sledge - Ashley!! Your work is just SO beautiful. Can you just tell my fear to go away so that I can shoot film???? HA! Your work inspires me to just do it.

April 8, 2015 - 4:55 pm

Ashley Goodwin - THANK YOU girlfriend. And fear held me back from shooting film for YEARS and finally I said eff it. Get an inexpensive camera and start playing, for real. You won’t regret it, even if it’s just for fun. What are you afraid of??

The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

We all sat ’round a table, six photographers in celebration of Emily’s baby shower, her fourth girl! #girlpower. We cooed over cute baby clothes and they shared stories of child rearing as I looked at them sideways, nearly traumatized. We giggled and mixed antics over brunch, connecting as friends who happen to be in the same business, flipping our hair around and complimenting one another’s look. Just as the checks were signed I proudly propped down a giant pink box filled to the brim with dessert “the best cupcakes you’ve ever had I confidently declared”. The women taste tested, absolutely agreeing that these were, in fact, heaven. Cookie Butter cupcakes?!? DUHH. WINNAH WINNAH. Then they proceeded to do the same thing friends had done the night before when I handed them the sugar filled treats–immediately looked the baker up on Instagram. I don’t know why I was so shocked, after all half of us sitting at breakfast had recently had our hair done by the same stylist, referred by one another. In fact I had just sat in his chair again a few days prior, talking story about plans for his new salon and clever event ideas he was dreaming up. With my hair in foil I had softly suggested he get someone to handle his social media for him and he quickly shrugged the idea off, reminding me that was he had been doing was working just fine for him, why change it. And boy was he right, dude just markets via instagram and with 24 clients a day is nearly impossible to schedule an appointment with. Eating this truly legendary cupcakes bought out of a roaming food truck in Mililani (that I often track down) and flipping our fresh new blonde locks I noticed the words Kitt recently spoke to me were again ringing true. There is no secret to success. No gems in marketing.  Simply “do good work and people will talk about you”. Being a walking billboard for flowy hair + beautiful cupcakes myself, I knew he couldn’t be more true. #werk.


Cupcakes by Legendary Taste [Hair by Khietluu]. You make sure you let me know when you’ve become addicted to these delights + also have fabulous, glam hair, too! :)



March 10, 2015 - 1:56 pm

Coco - You had me at “cookie butter cupcake!” They sound absolutely amazing!


April 16, 2015 - 9:01 pm

OFF THE RECORD: FLOWERS, FILMS & FUN! | Bespoke-Bride: Wedding Blog - […] ♥ The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Gotten […]

A little bit of Wanderlust


It’s ya girl here. A few weeks ago Elisaveta from Fernwehosophy  got in touch regarding Hawai’i images for their magazine. You KNOW I’ve got serious love for where we live so I was more than thrilled to give the islands an opportunity to show off a little. Fine. Me too. Their online magazine FernwehO  is stacked with pages and pages of beautiful images and, if you can read German, fun interviews from photographers and travelers describing featured destinations. Can I read German, you ask? Nein. So how do you know if they’re fun you ask? Because I know mine was fabbbbuulloussss. ;) Did I have to google anything in this post? Don’t worry about it!

If you’re on the east coast and winter weather’s got ya down, just flip the pages of this gorgeous online mag and be completely transported to the warm and sunny destination of your choice. Thank you, Elisaveta for generously asking me to be apart! An HONOR, and to be in such great company! Now you’ve got ME daydreaming… xo


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