Running from Taylor Swift.

Alternatively titled “Run b*tch, (he goin’ killllll youuuu)”.

If I really think about the true genesis of the idea, it must have been sitting in the front seat of the car enroute to Keana point with fellow photographers Ashley + Alisa. Ashley Smith was going in depth about the surge of love for Tony Robbins at her workplace and proceeded to tell us about his ability to empower anyone to do anything via books on tape. Wait. That’s not what they’re called anymore. What do you call them? Audio books! Yes, thank you. Any how, she pulled herself in between the seats from the back of the car and candidly asked “what’s the thing you are LEAST interested in accomplishing?”. In unison she and I both responded “Run a marathon!”. After all, we were headed to a hike where our goal was to walk and take photos, who in their right mind wants to run? NOT I. So, that was that. I had absolutely positively no interested in running a marathon, especially not the famed Honolulu one. Nope. No way. Not me. I don’t run. Just like my tank top says “Partying is my cardio”. Fast forward 7 months later, past all the friends who for first and second times trained and completed the Honolulu Marathon and just as everyone around me (even men) were declaring how catchy that new Taylor Swift album was, I decided to hit the payment for an evening jog and see just how awesome this album could be (for the record I was sure it couldn’t be even remotely good…I mean, it’s Taylor freakin’ Swift).

Halfway into my jog I found my legs switching faster and faster. I don’t know if it was the new tunes flooding my eardrums or the 72 degree hawaiian air, but just as Blank Space shuffled on the faint thought crossed my mind that I should run the marathon. This right here should be enough to stop me in my tracks. I let the image go as quickly as it came and laughed it off.  I don’t run. If you see me running, call the police kinda thing. As I circled my way back home I couldn’t help but entertain the idea and question where the heck THAT desire came from. And as months went on the thought began to dig it’s way from the back of my head out into the open, just as James (Marathon Man, Awesome Photographer + Friend) texted to suggest I start training. Hmm. Funny you should say that, because I have the unexplainable itch to. WHO IS THIS PERSON and what have you done with Ashley TAYLOR SWIFT?!?!

I don’t know if it’s that all of my friends have done it, or the desire to prove to myself I can do any dang thing, the Holy Spirit talking or just Taylor Swift’s voodoo ways, but something struck a cord in me that night and I decided that within a year, I can train to do ANYTHING. And that I will. I will prioritize my life and health as much as I have prioritize the success of my business and will run the damn marathon come December 2015.

If you are wondering, yes, I am second guessing myself…but I’ve got a year to figure that out. If you have any tips, as in “How to Disguise Your Tears As Sweat” and “How to Not Give Up Before You Start”, please, do tell.



January 7, 2015 - 1:21 pm

Laura Pedrino - LOL I love the title and the alternate title for this! I’m in the same boat too! Except I’m training for a 1/2 marathon that’s in May. Essentially I’m doing it for the bananas they give you at the end of the race. Lol jk!

January 9, 2015 - 9:00 am

Marissa - OH EM GEEEEE!!!! This makes me so happy! get it girl, you can TOTALLY do it!!! If anyone hates running more than you it’s eddie and if he can run a marathon then anyone can ;) So proud of you xoxo

January 16, 2015 - 10:27 am

Rachel - Go Girl! I have been debating attempting a 1/2 this year. I don’t run either. I have done a couple of 5K mud runs, but, that’s nothing compared to 13 or (gulp) 26 miles!!
I will be cheering you on from VA – YOU GOT THIS!

Cheers! to 2015

I’m typically not one for resolutions, it’s something about all those Pinterest “why wait to the New Year for something you can change NOW” kinda quotes that really got to me, you know. Or possibly it’s the idea of chugging along on a new path with everyone else + hoping maybe, just maybe, you make it all the way to March with the treadmill. But this upcoming year feels different, or I just decided to think a lot less now-a-days, but I’m excited for what the idea of a “new year” holds. And you gotta admit, nothing feels more like a fresh start than a brand new seventy-five dollar day planner! THIS will keep me organized, right?!?!? So as I head to work to photograph a wedding tonight then rush back right after their late-night fireworks to pop champagne with my hunnie, I will absolutely reflect on the sincere blessings of the year passed and adventures and daydreams of the future. I may even read the notes tucked into my 2014 “thankful” jar…because you know, I put all of TEN post-it’s in there all year. Heck! Maybe I’ll blog more! (I’ll definitely blog more…but the time off just WORKIN’ has been great for my noggin’). A toast, to 2015, and that new new. 

Speaking of blogging, I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this photo before. If I have, just don’t say anything, k?

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Luxe Christmas Tablescape by Passion Roots

It rarely gets below 70 degrees here on O’ahu, even in December. Without hot chocolate, scarves and runny noses it hardly feels like the holidays, so each year I do everything I can to get into the Christmas spirit. (Pooooorrrrrr meeeeeee). I make my husband climb ladder rungs to hang lights declaring “more, MORE!” and light balsm fir scented candles in every room while simultaneously humming Christmas tunes. I wrap every little gift I can find, stuffing it underneath the tree to admire for days and top everything that doesn’t move with a bow. I pull out all the stops and go crazy for Christmas, soaking in the glitz and glam, the pinecones and woodsy fire scents– even if it is just a glade plugin. But this table scape from Shilhi of Passion Roots….THIS takes the cake. If this lush setting doesn’t make you want to put on your flowing chiffon skirt and call your friends over for dinner on Christmas Eve, well then I just don’t know what will, you grinch. What a gorgeous and of-the-moment take on a timeless holiday event. I’m drooling.  Check out more of the shimmering delights featured on Lei Chic.

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December 27, 2014 - 8:41 pm

Marisa Hayashi - WOW… ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! You both are incredibly talented!

How To Organize Film On A Shoot

The transition from shooting digital to mainly film has been one that has come with it’s own set of challenges. How many rolls of film should I bring? How do I keep it safe? And how in the world do I carry all of this around? With constant trial and error I am always on the lookout to devise efficient systems that get the job down while keeping my things neat and organized (with a touch of Ashley you know). When shooting film it’s important to have spare rolls handy to change out in the blink of an eye and also to keep the exposed rolls safe–and separate. This way you don’t misplace one or accidentally open a shot roll.

I keep everything organized with the use of a strategic system throughout the day (okay, mainly because of a fabulous assistant) and try to wear dresses with handy pockets. If not, for ladies a short waist apron will do (it may not be the most stylish, but man is it awesome!). Men, you always have pockets. You’re cool. Better yet having lots of spare camera backs with inserts (and an extra hand to keep them all loaded) is the perfect scenario.

My Film Shooting + Storage Set-up:

1. The night before I “shuck” (or unwrap) all the rolls of film I think I am going to use for the day (about 30).

2. I place all of the unwrapped rolls into an unmarked RUME quart size bag that’s attached to my camera bag via a gold chain. I have a second RUME bag also attached to the string, this one marked with a tassel designated for exposed rolls. I instruct my assistant to guard these bags with their life.

3. The day of I load up my dress pockets (or apron) with a few extra rolls of film for when I need them. I also load up any spare inserts.

4. I take some awesome pictures. When one roll is complete I hand it off to my assistant. They label it 1- (whatever) in the order the rolls are shot. (I later ask the lab to scan the rolls of film sequentially. This keeps photos in order of time taken and saves energy with organization later in lightroom).

5. Once a roll is numbered it goes into the RUME bag with the tassel, the “SHOT” bag.

6. If the “UNSHOT” bag gets low we open up some more boxes of film and fill it back up! Knowing how many rolls I have left helps me manage and keep track with shooting costs.

7. At the end of the night we count all of the rolls to make sure they are accounted for, high-five and head home.

Tah dah! Simple but effective. I’d love to hear how you keep track of all of your film!



December 5, 2014 - 10:11 pm

Liz Jorquera - Love reading your posts about film! And also love your vlogs :) Even though I shoot digital, I learnt photography shooting film and drool over wedding photographers work that shoot film and would love to dabble with film again! I’ve read you mentioned The Film Collective in a blog post.. is this a Facebook group or something? Can I join?

December 22, 2014 - 9:05 am

Ashley Goodwin - Hey Liz!
Thanks, what a compliment! + I have to get back to vlogging one day, huh? It just takes FOREVER!
Yes! The film collective is a facbeook group! I will try to add you now! xo

January 6, 2015 - 8:28 am

Alison at RuMe - Thanks for the shout out! The RuMe Reveal looks great with the tassels you added. Great organizational skills!