Is it Film or Digital?

There’s always this popular game in hybrid shooter (people who shoot both film and digital) Facebook groups in which the user posts two similar photos and polls others on their opinion on which is film and which is digital. I always smugly consider myself a master at these games because I know what to look for, the tell-tell signs of film that are what make me love the medium. So, feeling frisky and like maybe my “editing Canon to match my Contax skills” are getting better, I thought I’d throw a few shots out there, test your noggin and provide the visual comparisons of the two that I oh-so-love.

Quite frankly there are some times when digital just works better for the circumstance than film. However I am much better at deciding what a photo should look like before I take it rather than post-processing. Not to mention editing my digital images to come close to film takes for-ev-ver, and I can never get them exactly right…because I’m not an editor, I’m a photographer. Why bother when I can just shoot it in film and keep it moving? There are instances where I take a shot in both digital + film for good measure or digital in between rolls. You may ask how I edited the digitals and I’d say with a WHOLE lotta time. Ha! I’m sure a professional Lightroom editor could make these look even closer in comparison, but why take the time when you can shoot it like that? Okay okay you get my point. For these images my clients won’t get both the film and digital versions unless they are different (like the shot of the Bride + Groom, in one you can see her veil more than the other, I will actually give them both images). Take a peek and see if you can tell the difference between the digital + film shots. And if you’re really a smarty pants there will be ONE thing in ALL these photos that’s the dead give-away, you don’t even have to look at anything else, really. But don’t be a cheater cheater pumpkin eater! Answer key at the bottom.

ANSWERS: 1. Film left, digital right 2. Digital left, film right 3. Film left, digital right 4. Film left, digital right 5. Digital left, film right

And the dead-giveaway of the medium format film shots are that they are wider + shorter than their digital counterparts! It’s noticeable, right, that even with editing there are some things that you just can’t TOTALLY match in digital. That’s why I love film sooooo. :)

So, how’d ya do?



September 19, 2014 - 2:06 pm

Amanda Berube - I pretty much got all of them right but they are sooooo close! You did a really great job.

September 19, 2014 - 2:17 pm

Damaris Mia @ Southern California Bride - If I didn’t know the different crops, I would have had a hard time figuring it out! Great job friend!

Gary + Sarah

She quietly slipped into the polka dotted lace dress, the same one her mother wore on her wedding day, cinching with a gold ribbon. Her bridesmaids who had traveled from Tokyo donned beachy dresses and varying bouquets wrapped in burlap and popped on their floppy hats. Gary met Sarah while working overseas and when he saw her just knew he couldn’t let her go — his smile relishing the moment when she met him at the end of their ceremony aisle. Guided by both her parents Sarah and Gary committed their lives to one another on a beautiful, sunlit hawaiian day. Filled with cute handmade details (designed by the bride herself, an artist!) and full of New York love, the lawn hosted the ceremony as East met West at this whimsical Turtle Bay Resort, destination elopement. Brightly colored ukuleles, fake tattoos and PINK FLAMINGOS! Guests were given stylish aviator shades paired with fans to beat the heat and were greeted with luxe straw “welcome” totes. Every single element carefully curated with joy, a detailed eye and love, right down to the pineapple aisle markers…and of course a hint of Hello Kitty. This is my kinda party!

To see their wedding gallery, click here

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Leighann + Mark

They met living in the same apartment building. Leighann, taking a minute to decompress as she walked her dog encountered her downstairs neighbor Mark. He seized the opportunity of this vibrant woman passing by to engage her in conversation, boldly inviting her to dinner just before they parted ways. On the beach with friends and family Leighann + Mark celebrated their one year marriage anniversary with an intimate ceremony on Bellow’s Beach where Mark surprised her with a heirloom — a gorgeous and glittering family wedding band.

Wishing you both the absolute best of days and a joyful marriage that keeps growing stronger by the day. Cheers!

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Out of Office

She brushed my basket of Lara bars, travel conveniences and toiletries across the flashing scanner. “Going somewhere?” she asked. “Yep! I’m going on a mission trip to Thailand with my church!” I exclaimed, forever excited to talk to others about the awesome things God will do in your life if you just let him. “Sounds like fun! What church?” she wondered. “Inspire church in Waikele”, I again anxiously shared, I just love that church, “yeah, it’s fun” I exclaimed, “but a lot of work. Well, I probably shouldn’t call it work...” I debated outloud to the Target cashier on Friday as she pointed her finger to the sky “well, it’s work for Him“.

I smiled and graciously nodded.

It’s 12:14am. Tomorrow morning I board a plane headed to Thailand with a stopover in Korea where I will meet up with my sister, Sarah, who will have been traveling over 18 hours, to continue our journey to Chaing Mai (bless her heart! Literally!). But not before I stop by the bank to get brand new hundred dollar bills for a better exchange rate, and drop a package off at the USPS store that I forgot 3 times to mail. A quarter past midnight with about 13 things left on my to-do list. “Finish cleaning, clear iPhone (oh, I should do that now as I type…multi-task!), and of course…schedule blog posts. I’ve been meaning to for days, clients have long gotten their images and I am just dying to get their glossy onto my blog’s screen. But already I hear God talking, telling me what He has already urged: to stop for just one second Ashley to pray today, and that’s to let some of it go. The house doesn’t have to be perfect in order for me to leave. Every email doesn’t have to be answered (okay it does, and they are), the freshly washed towels can stay in the laundry basket even if that DOES mean Napoleon will knock them over and make a cozy bed of it for the next week. And this blog will be a-okay if I don’t have posts scheduled for the 10 days I’m gone. Life won’t fall apart, business won’t come to a screeching halt and you will be able to do what you’re called to do, and that’s take a break from plugging away in your creative little cozy bubble of non-stop work for 10 days and focus on working for the Lord. That’s me, talking to myself. 

September 2 thru September 13th I will be wandering Chaing Mai, Thailand with members from Inspire Church, taking photo (and video! Girlfriend got schooled this week!) on behalf of jeSUS! (You gotta say it geeeSUSSsss all gangsta like.) There won’t be any scheduled blog posts, because I didn’t set-up any, and the call of the dinging emails will not be answered until my return. All the while I’m praying to just pull and Elsa and let. it. go. Being unplugged feels real hard right now, but as my trip taught me last year it’s always always for the better.

So if you email, call, text or Facebook message me and don’t get a response, don’t panic. I will return your messages promptly upon my arrival except for your FB ones because you’re crazy if you think I’m dl-ing that new messenger ish. And when I return, expect to see a wholleeee lotta wedding + session + film friday goodness, like this one of Faunah + Zach in Kauai.


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