Scroll scroll scroll. Click click click. In this moment, I am Instagram obsessed. I spend so much time there that I often find myself scrolling Facebook as if IT were Instagram, quickly double taping on photos nestled in my newsfeed (that doesn’t work btw). For a slow film shooter who relishes the little things and quiet moments, I sureeeee love the simplicity and quickness of Instagram. And squares. And brightness. And making all your images go. Fine fine! It’s the Designer in me that craves bright, bold colors, symmetry and a spontaneoulsy lively documentation of work meets life with some cocktails + donuts in the mix. Not to mention it’s nice to skip over all the words and just get to the good stuff. Self proclaimed lover of all things pretty, I just can’t get enough. Now, if I can just find a way to stop getting those Like to Know it emails in my inbox my bank account would thank me. Or, as my friend Blenda would call it, Better to not Know it.

Ps: I’ve joined up with several other fun Hawai’i instragram accounts to offer a $600 giveaway. Like, as in, CA$H MONNNAYYYYY. The giveaway runs until Monday, so head over + join the fun! INSTA @Agoodwin1

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Featured: The Knot Fall 2015

I may have screamed when I got word that Brian + David’s perfectly ‘Old Hawai’i’ celebration would grace the pages of The Knot, but I about peed my pants when the glossy magazine showed up on my doorstep. Their event was a grand success, sophisticated, full of details that were totally them (right down to their matching rings!), Ted’s bakery pies and giant light-up letters. Avery of Green Honolulu creatively mixed ferns, pineapples, raw coconuts and orchids, local staples that set the stage for an elegant affair. Guys, the night spend dancing under the banyan tree lanterns truly was Island Chic! With the bonzai toasts, chocolate macnut pie and your custom tuxes, your day was essentially Hawai’i done with Manhattan style. Your warmth, playfulness and love completely transcended the lush details of your timeless summer wedding. For Brian Kailua may have once been home, but now it’s forever with David.  And your FRIENDS? Da bomb. Wishing you 10,000 MORE years of happiness, laughter + travel together. Ps: David, your Bowtie was perfect all. day. long.

Check out their Dillingham Ranch, O’ahu wedding in the Real Weddings section of the Knot Fall 2015. My first time having my work printed in a national publication, too.  Did someone hear a cork pop? I think this calls for a party! I may or may not be still searching Target to buy up every dang issue.

See more details on + or browse the couple’s full gallery here

Coordination: Nichole Weddings + Events | Venue: Dillingham Ranch  | Event Rentals: Les Saisons | Event Rentals: Pacific Party Rentals |Staffing: Gourmet Events Hawai’i | Catering: Island Fusion Catering| Make-up: Maleana | Pies: Ted’s Bakery | Florals: Green Honolulu | Stationary: Bradley + Lily | Suits: Tom James Custom Suits | Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo | Lighting: Mood Event | DJ: Music Mix Productions | Transportation: Royal Star Motorcoach | Music + Entertainment: Manoa DNA | Photo Booth: the Flash Lab | Cake: We Heart Cake Company | Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew | Rentals: Event Essentials Hawai’i




July 26, 2015 - 8:24 am

Emilia OMG stunning! Love love love. Congratulations lady!!!

July 27, 2015 - 12:50 pm

Ashley Goodwin thank you so much Emilia!

Season of quiet

Hard to believe, I’m sure, but often times I treasure simple moments of quiet. If I’m with friends for extended periods of time or am away on a trip with a group of people where I need to socialize a lot, I sometimes find myself exhausted, aching for a few quiet minutes of solitude. Yes. I know. ME! NEEDING QUIET. When my voice alone is the exact antithesis! I totally had to google spellcheck that. All I need are just a few moments to recharge, be to myself, and gather my thoughts and I am back to da biznass. That’s how my husband and I say “business”. Does this make me a secret introvert? Meh. If it means wine and netflix cuddle in the corner of the sofa on the reg binge watching OITNB I can take it. It’s been a season of my dreams being realized, prayers being answered, and the behind-the-scenes hard work that it takes to make it all happen. My head’s been down, my eyes have been on clients, arms wrapped around my husband, when I get a chance feet in the Hawai’ian sand, and my ears have been turned to the Lord, choosing to let everything else softly fade into the background.

I’ve had my repose, purchased a few new toys in that meantime, have been published in print and had to be picked up off the floor.  Pop the top, this chick is refreshed + ready to parrrrtayyyyyy.  :)

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Marisa + Kevin


July 2, 2015 - 4:40 am

Leslie So pretty! Loving your blog updates!

July 15, 2015 - 12:15 am

fotoziemka Oh wow, such a scenery….